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Consultations are an important part of working towards your hair goals. This allows you and the stylist to discuss what you are looking for, where you've been and how to get you to where you want to be. By having these things ready for the stylist, you will be best prepared to share important pieces that we need to know to build a plan made just for you. We will always do our best to explain the process, work within a budget, and give you alternatives if needed.

We understand that coming in and talking to a new salon can be anxiety inducing, but knowing how to prepare can help take some of those nerves away!

✨Write down your recent hair history, including professional or at home color and treatments.

✨Think about your hair currently and write down what you like about it and what you would change.

✨Bring in 3 hair goal photos. When choosing hair goal photos, make sure to try and focus on picking pictures of people with similar base colors (roots), texture and density as you. These will change how a color looks on different heads.

✨If you are wanting to stick to a budget, be sure to come in ready to discuss what you are looking to spend on your hair needs and goals. Likely your service provider will let you know what is possible to achieve within that budget.

✨Bring in a photo of something you know you definitely don't like or wouldn't ask for. This helps us understand the middle area between your goal pics and your no pic.

✨And last of all, come with an open mind. This is important because sometimes what we think we want isn't always achievable or meets our lifestyle needs

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